Sunday, May 31, 2015


Words sting.

They leave a lingering pain that never seems to fade. They grow in time and their mark leaves a heavy scar. Those around us say words, lots of them for that matter. On occasion their words can hurt, and it can seem as if you had been stabbed with a dagger in just the right place to cause you so much pain. 

We can be deceived by people’s words and fall victim to the things they say. We can believe what rolls off their tongue and be scarred by it once again. Billions of words, yet we choose the ones that sting. Why? Why are we enticed by the words of evil and not the wise? 

Words are like bullets that are spit out of the mouths of the wicked. They come hurling at you and you are left defenseless, unable to retaliate. All this talk about others words toward you yet they mean so little. Yes, they can leave a scar, but the word that you tell yourself have the power to tear you apart from the inside out. 

Self hate will lead to self harm. Thinking you’re fat will lead to starving and purging. All these thoughts that echo in your mind are reflecting in a physical manner if not stopped. So why don’t we stop them? Problem is, it’s the mind we are talking about. 

The mind is deceptive and has learned the ways of masking what is going on inside. It has learned how to put up a front so that those around you, the ones who throw words as well, are unable to see what is truly going on - going on inside your mind. When one takes the step to turn the thoughts into physical action it becomes a different scenario. 

Enough about this though, don’t you get it? Words destroy you. 

But theres’s a catch, there always is. When used correctly words have great power to do good. To encourage others and build yourself up instead of tearing you down. When good things roll off your tongue, the proper use of words is shown. When hatful things roll off your tongue, the destruction begins. 

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