Monday, June 1, 2015

Mirror Mirror

mirror mirror on the wall,
why do the pretty girls have it all?

the looks the boys the family the friends,
why can’t i be just like them?

nobody likes me nobody cares,
but if i was pretty they would i swear.

they have it so good so great you know,
while i’m over here with nothing left to show.

i must have done something wrong,
otherwise i wouldn’t be this sad for this long.

maybe if i was pretty people who notice,
that i’m lost, hurting, and hopeless. 

maybe if i was pretty my life would be better,
if only i was pretty maybe i wouldn’t wish my life to be over.

June 1st - Today's Thoughts in Words

i’m on my deathbed,
with millions of things running through my head.

somebody shoot me i’m begging you,
stop all this pain that i’m going through.

i just can’t take it anymore i can’t take all this,
i hate the way i feel as if i’m in a bottomless pit.

i tear myself apart in hopes to feel alive,
but its done nothing but make me want to hide.

i watch the blood drip down my arm,
i never meant to cause all this harm.

my heart it aches, my head it spins,
this game i’m playing, i give up, you win.

i can’t focus today and not tomorrow,
when will i be happy and end all this sorrow?

i’m tired of feeling the way i do,
i wish i knew what was wrong with me i wish i had a clue.

someone release me from this pain,
i have had nothing that i could gain.

but scared up wrists and a broken smile,
can’t you see i haven’t been happy in such a long while?

don’t worry about me,
you have so many better people to meet and places to be.

i’m worth nothing and people don’t care,
all i want is somebody to be there.

but i push them away and away,
and now it looks like that’s where they’ll stay.

distant and far from the person i am,
who can blame them, not even i can.

nobody will love a girl like me,
broken and scared is all i’ll ever be.

i’m fat and ugly in every way,
i don’t see the point in living yet another day.

my arm stings and burns, 
i can’t help but to think this is what i deserve.

this is who i am mom and dad, i hope you’re proud,
it won’t be long until i’m buried in the ground.

i can’t hold on any longer to this life,
i think it’s about time i made use of that knife.

after all since you left me its the only thing that makes me feel,
my body has been numb and nothing seems real.

sometimes i look up at the dark starry sky,
and wonder if you’re looking down on my from up so high.

now that you’re gone i wanna go too,
to say i love the life i’m living just wouldn’t be true.

i don’t have much left in me,
so let me die just let me be.

they say broken hearts have the power to kill,

i’m here to tell you i think mine will.