Sunday, May 31, 2015

And Now, I'll Live for Both of Us....

there once was a story about a broken one and a lost one.
both leaned onto one another for strength and hope.
but the lost one was just too far gone,
and now the broken is left alone to cope.

why, she asks, why’d you leave me?
her silent cries echo throughout the night,
praying to god that he’d give her the strength to fight.

now the broken was shattered.
pieces lay scattered on the bathroom floor,
as she painted a pretty picture with a locked bathroom door.

she bled and bled while shaking her head.
this wasn’t happening it couldn’t be true,
she sat there wishing she would’ve had a clue.

more tears were shed,
more blood was bled.
she just couldn’t shake the thought,
that her little angel was gone and dead.

little did she know the lost one was watching her,
from the sky-high heavens above. 
sending down her gentle touch and soothing smile, 
like a graceful young dove.

day after day she started to crack.
now the broken was lost too,
but without the voice of her little angel to lead her back.

confused and hurt she picked up the gun,
and lifted it to her head,
but her little angel came back down,
and to her lost one this is what she said:

shh shh it’ll be okay. 
you will live to see another day.
stay here and darling put down the gun,
you only have a few more hours until you see the sun.
i know it must hurt and i’m sorry i had to leave,
but please just try to breathe.
i’ll always be here by your side,
you might not see me but i’ll be here for the ride.
so don’t you worry don’t you stress,
get out of bed and now go get dressed.
you’re beautiful to me in all that you do,
there is not a single thing that you can’t get through. 
your eyes they shine alive and bright,
so open them and show people their light.
your touch is soft and gentle as a dove,
there aren’t enough words to express my love.
stay strong my love and never forget,
your story isn’t over darling, no not yet. 

the lost one’s words spoke to the broken,
as she lowered her hand and dropped the gun.
and just as she had said,
up came the sun.

the broken walked outside to admire it’s light,
and strived to shine just as bright.
as that big ball of fire up in the sky,
for she knew it was not her time to die.

so she stood tall and carried herself strong,
the ride was to be good, good and long.
as she looked up to her angel without wings,
she smiled thinking of what tomorrow brings.

she whispers something to herself every day,
it’s quite simple you see so don’t you fuss. 
the broken says to the lost,

and now i’ll live for both of us. 

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